Systems & Design Engineering

What is Systems Engineering?

Bell Telephone Laboratories coined the term Systems Engineering back in the 1940s when it was determined that individual engineering projects when put together do not necessarily create the same thing as a desired complex system.

Engineering is traditionally decompositional.  That is, to understand the whole, it first has to be separated into its parts.  Upon mastering the individual parts they can be reassembled whereupon the engineer can become a master of the whole.

The systems engineering approach is quite the opposite where any one part cannot be understood without the context of the whole.  That is, with traditional engineering the parts are understood first but with systems engineering, the whole is understood first and then the role of each part is mastered.

What is an engineered solution?

An engineered solution combines components that work in union to collectively perform a useful function.   Employing multiple disciplines, systems engineering focuses on how to design, integrate, and manage complex systems over their life cycles.

The discovery process is of the utmost importance - finding out the real problems that need to be resolved and identifying the potential drawbacks and possible failures in order to come up with the most proficient and cost effective solutions.

Systems engineering ensures that all likely aspects of a project or system are considered when integrating into the whole.


Complex System Design

Developing conceptual and detailed designs ensure a product functions, performs, and is fit for its purpose.  The greater the complexity, the more important a truly engineered design becomes.

  • Detail

    DEC is known for its ultimate attention to detail.

  • Experience

    We have over 100 combined years of experience in system design.

Systematic Integration

Methodical incorporation of hardware and software pertinent to the facility ensures that the client will be able to work on the finished system without having to replace their tools currently in place.

  • Quality

    DEC is known for not stopping until the project is fulfilled and the client is satisfied 110%.

  • Multiple Disciplines

    When it comes to integrating new systems into legacy plants, we have the experience of electronics, hardware & software to get the job done.

Ongoing System Management

With increasingly complex systems, having a strong management system in place is imperative. We have managed clients over decades, ensuring the integrity of the design remains consistent through changes in hardware and software over the years.

  • Loyal

    We take pride in maintaining programs and systems in order to keep our clients happy.

  • Responsive

    DEC maintains their fleet of customers due to continual top-notch service.

DEC Solutions

Since 1986, DEC has been providing industrial automation to various clients across the U.S. which included custom systems engineering design & build services.
The following is a short list of various services & brief descriptions that we have provided throughout our history.


We provide our customers the ability to verify the history, location, or application of an item by means of documented recorded identification. Basically, traceability is an unbroken chain of documentation.

Process Control

Process control is an engineering discipline that deals with architectures, mechanisms and algorighms for maintaining the output of a specific process within a desired range to achieve consistency from one batch to the next.  For one customer, we provide ongoing development of refining their process of making cellular concrete.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is a system operating with coded signals over communication channels so as to provide control of remote equipment.  Our slogan "Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control Systems Since 1986" really explains what our company does, but the acronym SCADA is well known in the industry.

Test Stands

Although this is not a main part of our business anymore, we have built systems to test the proper functioning of a product for various manufacturing companies.

Control Systems

A control system is a device, or set of devices, that manages, commands, directs or regulates the behavior of other devices or systems.   They can be open loop (output is generated based on inputs), or closed loop - also called a feedback control system (the human body is a classic example of a feedback system).

Laboratory Systems

We have done work for a government facility where we provided a mechanism to allow the scientists to do various tests for bettering aeronautical designs.

Web App Development

In the desire to stay abreast of the newest technology, we are offering new web apps to control systems that were only available for control on a LAN or WAN.


2D Code DPM (Direct Part Marking)

Process Control

Burnishing - Work Hardening Steel

Process Control

Freon Compressor Testing Predicting Future Performance

Diversified Applications

We are named appropriately because of the wide variety of applications that we have done and are capable of doing.   Contact us to see what we can do for you!


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