Flow Control & Tracking

Our mobile Track.Us Factory and Track.Us Delivery applications control the flow of product from start to finish.  Using cell phone technology in a hardened case, our software supports both Android and iOS devices.  All of our software is Azure cloud based and has an Import and Export portal along with a comprehensive dashboard to control the entire system.

For simpler tracking we have software tracking applications with 3 levels of reporting:
Track.Us Count  |  Track.Us Pace  |  Track.Us OEE
Tell the story of what happened regarding availability, performance, and quality.
Basically, measuring it so you can manage it, allowing you to put your thumb on your plant’s operation.

We have developed an IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) application called PLCql that connects devices such as a PLC on the factory floor to a Sequel Server at the enterprise level.  Reports can be gleaned to, again – tell the story – what’s happened.

Another hardware component we have available is called PAK-NAK which is an alert system giving the associate a Positive Acknowledgement or Negative Acknowledgment which is useful in flow control applications giving the associate simple, real-time, heads-up information.  Catch packing the wrong part on the wrong stop, or packing it on the wrong truck altogether.  Let the associate know something has been cancelled as they scan a part.  The PAK-NAK is a glove light with 7 colors and an 85db sonalert.  Various sounds and light sequences can be seen from a distance letting the associate know exactly what to do, now.


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