Real-Time Data Acquisition & Control Systems

Since 1986, DEC has been providing custom systems and ongoing support to industrial plants in various parts of the US.  Over time, requirements and processes have changed and we have worked to change with them.   Where the PLC was once king, we were pioneers putting industrial computers in place in order to provide more of an easy to read format but still having a stable and consistent platform to control machinery and equipment.

Systems Engineering

Bell Telephone Laboratories coined the term Systems Engineering back in the 1940s when it was determined that individual engineering projects when put together do not necessarily create the same thing as a desired complex system.

Engineering is traditionally decompositional.  That is, to understand the whole, it first has to be separated into its parts.  Upon mastering the individual parts they can be reassembled whereupon the engineer can become a master of the whole.

The systems engineering approach is quite the opposite where any one part cannot be understood without the context of the whole.  That is, with traditional engineering the parts are understood first but with systems engineering, the whole is understood first and then the role of each part is mastered.

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Flow Control & Tracking

Our mobile Track.Us Factory and Track.Us Delivery applications control the flow of product from start to finish.  Using cell phone technology in a hardened case, our software supports both Android and iOS devices.  All of our software is Azure cloud based and has an Import and Export portal along with a comprehensive dashboard to control the entire system.

For simpler tracking we have software tracking applications with 3 levels of reporting:
Track.Us Count  |  Track.Us Pace  |  Track.Us OEE
Tell the story of what happened: availability, performance, quality.
Basically, measure it so you can manage it.   Put your thumb on your plant’s operation.

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Website & Graphic Design

We provide from the most basic single page format to very sophisticated multipage interactive web applications, including ecommerce.   We handle it all – graphic design as well as the photography and photo editing as necessary to support the project at hand.

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SLATE Division

Our newest division is that of Stereolithography Apparatus Technical Engineering.  We can provide custom parts necessary for:

  • Industrial applications - keeping legacy equipment running by printing parts currently unavailable
  • Automotive - printing specialty parts that are no longer manufactured
  • Tooling - allowing a part to be 3D printed prior to making with more expensive metals to test out functionality
  • More - small production runs and 3D printed molds

We can print from your STL drawing or we can design the required part from your specifications.

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Give Us A Problem... We'll Design You A Solution

Our Work Process


Frame the Problem

Conversations about the problem, plant visits, request for quote - great communication is key to a solid solution.


Design Requirements

Research the background of the situation, the desired outcome, and currently available parts available to develop a practical, efficient & cost-effective design.


Turn the crank

Once the problem is framed out and the design developed, we get to work writing code and assembling necessary parts & equipment to fix your problem... letting you get back to business.


Engineering Concepts, LLC

How can we help your company today?

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