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DEC is an engineering firm based in Dayton, Ohio.  In business since 1986, we service customers all over the United States.  We excel in the field of systems engineering creating complete turn-key systems, including process control, machine control, test stands, storage/retrieval systems, traceability systems, and flow control and tracking systems.

Although our history is in SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, we currently provide FLOW CONTROL & TRACKING to a variety of customers, offering traceability in the factory, all the way through delivery.  Our customers are both large and small with some of our systems running continuously nation-wide for over 35 years.  We offer full service from design to construction, and of course, support and maintenance.

Born out of necessity for linking the factory with the enterprise level and designing systems needing specialized parts, we have 3D PRINTING capabilities in-house complemented with WEBSITE & GRAPHIC DESIGN.

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Real-Time Data Acquisition & Control Systems

Since 1986, DEC has been providing custom systems and ongoing support to industrial plants in various parts of the US.  Over time, requirements and processes have changed and we have worked to change with them.  We were pioneers putting industrial computers on the factory floor in 1986.  Today as PLCs have matured over the last 35 years, gaining more power and functionality, our designs seek out the best solution.  And sometimes that is a hybrid solution with both the industrial PC and PLC in a work cell.  We pride ourselves on giving our clients the most powerful, reliable, maintainable, and cost effective solution.



Industrial Automation
Design & Build Services.


Flow Control &

Control it, but then measure it, so you can manage it.


Website &
Graphic Design

Working hard to make your image the best it can be.


3D Printing
SLATE Division

Prototypes, small runs, production molds, and specialized products.


Engineering Concepts, LLC

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