About those who make it happen...

Bill Naylor

Founder / Owner / Design Engineer

Bill received his BS degree in Electrical Systems Engineering in 1981 from Wright State University.   He worked for KMH systems, a matierial handling company, in 1979 and 1980 whereupon he joined FABSPEC, a robotic positioning comany, in 1981.   When FABSPEC was acquired he decided to put his heart and soul into his own startup,   Diversified Engineering Concepts, in 1986.   He has over 30 years of electrical, electronics, and software engineering experience.   He also has an aptitude for pneumatics, hydraulics, and mechanical design.

Bill excels in concepting, designing, and building one-of-a-kind systems and writing the software that makes them tick.  He is experienced in a variety of industrial programming languages for PLCs, robotics, and motion controllers as well as many proprietary protocols. He has even designed his own PLC to reduce cost for a high-volume product line application. Additionally, Bill has expertise in closed-loop servo controlled PID systems specific to pneumatic regulation and flow. He specializes in airflow control.

His favorite thing is designing real-time, application specific, embedded controllers coded in Assembly.   He is proficient in Assembly, VB6, VB.Net, VBA and many industrial languages, including nearly 30 manufactures of PLCs.

When not working, Bill enjoys fly fishing, hiking, biking, coaching basketball at the local YMCA, and watching his son's sporting activities.

Mark Perun

Senior Software Engineer

Mark has a BS degree with a dual major in Computer Science and Mathematics (1973) from Bowling Green State University.   He brings over 30 years of programming experience to DEC. He has worked for Reynolds & Reynolds and NCR.

Mark has more than thrity years of experience in developing and maintaining software products in diverse environments; he has excellent problem solving skills.   He also has superior communication skills developing relationships with customers in order to provide excellent product support.  He has experience in all aspects of the development cycle from design, coding, testing, and support. His strength is in familiarity with hardware and working in an engineering environment.   He worked for NCR as a senior program analyst for 14 years whereupon he consulted for them for two years developing firmware amongst development for other client POS applications.   He then went on to work for Integrated Software Systems where he developed a cash dispensing product line that included communication drivers, interfacing to 3rd party financial systems, and board level firmware.

Proficient in .Net, C, C++, C#, Assembly, VB6, and VBA languages as well as Visual Studio, Sequel Server, Active-X development, and Access database, Mark's favorite language to code in is C++.

Mark is an avid bicyclist - riding his bike not only to work every day but also for enjoyment most weekends and for charity riding events; however, he draws the line at 15 degrees above zero!  He participates in a golf league at his church;   grows a continuous supply of vegetables in his garden that he willingly shares; and is quite an accomplished carpenter who makes beautiful furniture - look out, Norm!

Paul Otto

Senior Software Engineer

Paul has a BS degree in Computer Science (1973) from Ohio State University and a MS degree in Computer Science (1978) from the University of North Carolina.   He brings over 30 years of programming experience to DEC.  He has worked for Reynolds & Reynolds and NCR.

Paul is Microsoft Certified in VB.NET for Windows and ASP.NET for Web Applications.   Paul is experienced in designing & implementing applications that interfaced to various machines or devices both with standard programming and proprietary languages.   He designed firmware for embedded applications for integrated teller workstations.   Tasks included developing communication drivers, CRT drivers, printer drivers, as well as a versatile teller application.   Coding was done in PL/M and Assembly languages.   He is also proficient in VB 6.0, C, ADO.NET, MS Access, and SQL Server databases.

This "handsome dude," who is definitely the life of the team, tells us that his favorite language to program in is English (smile!).

When not programming, Paul enjoys history, astronomy, traveling, and spending time with his wife, son & daughter-in-law, and his grandsons.

Debbie Naylor

Accounting & Business Manager,

Webmaster & Graphics Development

Debbie received a BA from Wright State University in Psychology (1991) but worked through college in the field of accounting.   She came to DEC in 1994 to head up the Accounting Department.   After learning all about the business end of our diverse company, she wrote an accounting package in MS Office to run our business - from the day to day bookkeeping to year end taxes; quoting; and even contracts.   She handles all human resource & legal topics as well.   Basically, she has been running all of the non-engineering aspects of DEC for 21 years.

Self-taught in the Adobe Creative Suite - mostly Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver, Debbie enjoys using her creative talents to handle all of our graphic work and web design.

Outside of DEC, Debbie volunteers at school & sporting events, enjoys hiking, biking, crafts, jewelry making, photography and all things Adobe.

Tristan Naylor

Engineer & Webmaster In Training

Tristan is currently a Freshman at The Dayton Regional STEM school.   He is learning how to use Autodesk Inventor, Photoshop, and HTML but really enjoys making mock-ups and his own designs.

In 3 1/2 years he will have many tools to do whatever he wants!

He is working on a second degree black belt, swims year-round, and his favorite pastime is playing basketball.

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